So, you got your first paid collab, What now?

Have you ever wondered how on earth you get paid as a creator or influencer without a company? Get started with this quick guide.

What do you have in common with Chiara Ferragni, Bianca Ingrosso, or even Kenza? It is not the fact that you have a big follower base, and it is not the fact that you all have a huge engagement rate either or that you all collaborate with brands, but rather that you all went through the exact same thought when you started to grow your business as a creator:

“Ok, I just closed my first client, I will get paid for showcasing their brand on my insta but… How on earth do I get paid if I don’t even have a company?”

Don’t worry–We’ve got you, and in a few paragraphs, if you keep reading, you’ll find the answer.

The creator space is not just blooming, it is like the universe, continuously expanding and reaching frontiers where technology & tax compliance can get a bit complicated: new features, algorithm updates – keeping up with trends is not easy, and yet it is part of your job as a creator to keep up with all these things, but no one told you you would also have to be a finance expert to be able to collect the money that your social media would generate.

Many years ago, a young blond Italian girl started a blog when instagram didn’t even exist. She thought the fashion industry was outdated and strongly believed that super models in catwalks were not the only way for brands to sell more clothes. 

She thought that posting daily pictures of her outfits on and her own blog The Blonde Sallad will probably lead her somewhere, and it actually did. In her documentary –The Ferragnez, she talks about how one day some of the biggest Italian fashion brands started to hear that her blog had as much traffic as some of the biggest fashion magazines in the country, so they sent her invitations to their catwalks shows. 

This is how she became friends with the likes of Donatella Versace, The Gucci Marketing Manager and made her first deals to post content on her blog for a couple hundred euros. And just as yourself, she started thinking about how to actually send an invoice without having a company – you are there right now, huh?

Back in the day, Chiara had to call an accountant, register as a sole trader, pay a monthly fee to cover her social security and other social fees and had the pressure of making sure she always had clients coming in so that those fixed costs she would have for having her own company were covered.

Here is the good news for you: you don’t need to do that to get paid as a creator, because you don’t need to have a company to invoice your clients. That would only generate you fixed costs and extra responsibilities or paper work in order to get money in from your clients, and here we will explain the steps on how you can start charging your clients without having a company:

Once you have agreed on the deal with your client and delivered the pictures, posts or reels, go to and to start the Giga-magic just add your details and sign in with Bank ID. Now you are all set and only 5 steps closer to getting your money:

  1. Click on “Ny Faktura” but make sure you have verified your email before the next step
  2. Now add your recipient’s details (name of your client, address, and postal code). Notice that to make it easier for you when you add your client’s details we will prefill everything as we pull the data from a big database with all Swedish companies’ details.
  3. Now add the description of the job you made and the amount you will charge them with the due date.
  4. Click on Save Invoice, check everything is correct and click Send.

PS: Now you can chat directly with your client from the invoice in the chat box– maybe you want to say hello or thank them for the opportunity to work together… or just a little reminder that you’ve sent them the invoice and the due date is close!

When the client accepts the invoice and pays you, you will get notified via an SMS with a link to your money and an email too in case you are not close to your phone. 

All you have to do is click on the link, select “private person” and accept–the money is in your bank account now and all taxes & social fees have been declared automatically for you to skatteverket by Gigapay. Just make sure your Swish number is correct before you accept!

We hope this was useful and don’t hesitate to reach us in our support chat on if you have any questions!


Andrea :)

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