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We’re on a mission to build a global payment infrastructure to facilitate real-time payouts.

Our Story

The go-to platform for influencer operations

In 2019, Gigapay embarked on a bold mission to redefine work and payments, enabling individuals to work from anywhere, for anyone, and receive instant compensation.

We began by assisting groundbreaking companies like Uber Eats and Karma in streamlining payouts to their gig workers. These initial steps ignited our passion for transforming the way freelancers get paid, paving the way for an exciting journey. As we evolved our product, we found our true calling in the rapidly growing Creator Economy, where businesses were in a big need for a streamlined solution to manage onboarding, payouts, and tax compliance for creators.

In 2021, Gigapay officially changed its focus, emerging as the go-to platform for brands, traditional agencies, and influencer platforms for their influencer operations. Today, our presence extends far beyond the Nordics, as we expand across Europe, offering a seamless experience for companies to onboard and compensate creators in over 80 countries.
Our unwavering mission is to build a global payment infrastructure that empowers individuals and businesses to work on their terms, reshaping the future of work one payment at a time. Join us on this thrilling journey as we redefine the way the world works.

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We are changing the status quo in the Creator Economy

Our clients are paying their creators the right way. Every month, more creators get to experience the ease to get paid through Gigapay and they are loving it.

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