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Boost payments to affiliates globally, adhering to local tax and employment regulations. Only 7 seconds.

Boost payments to affiliates globally, adhering to local tax and employment regulations. Only 7 seconds.

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Global Payouts

Pay affiliates globally, faster

Speed matters when it's time to get paid. Offer your affiliates the possibility to collect their payments as they wish (fast), by using Gigapay.

Compliance Engine

Follow local employment and tax regulations worldwide.

More than 80 countries

Pay affiliates across 6 continents in no time and with confidence.

Local payout methods

Adapt to affiliates preferences and offer local payout methods.

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Tax Reporting


Gigapay acts as a merchant of record, eliminating the need for you to handle procurement or any other tasks behind payment & tax management when paying affiliates with us.


Transfer tax liability to Gigapay for payments sent through our platform.


Delegate tax reporting to local authorities DAC7 included.

admin time

Offload part of your workload and save time and money.

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API Integration


Integrating Gigapay increases accuracy and efficiency. Reduce manual inputs, prevent duplicate errors, and automate operations by implementing our API.


Subscribe to events and get real-time notifications in your platform.

Fast integration

Be up and running in 5 days  and start paying creators with our API.


Create bills and add vendors automatically from your platform.

Instant payouts and easy onboarding - Gigapay is like the perfect cocktail.
Linus Wickberg
CEO, Adrecord
What is Gigapay?

a payment platform acting as a merchant of record

Use Gigapay and pay your affiliates with the ease of delegating all the vendor-related obligations.

Vendor Onboarding

Unlock new types of vendors, optimize your procurement workflows, and save time on research for every market.

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Global Payments

Generate batch payments, simplify your bookkeeping, and pay vendors following local regulations.

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Tax Compliance

Reduce your liability, save costs on tax compliance research, and comply with local regulations.

Dedicated Support

Offer a seamless experience with direct support for all payment and onboarding matters.


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