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How the Goat Agency Saves €130,000 Yearly with Gigapay

Published 14 September 2023

Delve into how the Goat Agency saves €130,000 yearly by streamlining influencer operations with Gigapay.

The Goat Agency
March 2023
Advertising Services

The challenge

"In the world of influencer marketing, we faced a significant hurdle - inefficient influencer payments," Martin Leiva Godoy, Global Senior Manager at The Goat Agency, part of GroupM, recounted. He highlighted the laborious nature of their previous system, where "managing 20-40 invoices monthly demanded about 3 working days from two of [their] team members." This inefficiency not only drained resources but also threatened the scalability of their operations.

What we did

Seeking a solution, The Goat Agency partnered with Gigapay.

"Gigapay was a game-changer for us," Martin stated. This strategic collaboration aimed at overhauling the payment process, led to a dramatic shift in how the agency handled its financial operations. By implementing Gigapay's system, they were able to "significantly cut down the administrative time involved in payments”, allowing for a redistribution of workload.

Martin explained how "each staff member could now manage campaign-specific invoices, greatly enhancing our overall efficiency." This reorganization was crucial in alleviating the pressure on individual team members and scaling their operation to accommodate rapid growth. Furthermore, "Gigapay's intervention not only sped up the payment process for influencers but also vastly improved their satisfaction with how quickly they received payments post-campaign", Martin added.

The outcome

The impact of integrating Gigapay into The Goat Agency's operations was profound. "The administrative burden was substantially reduced, freeing up our team to focus on growth and operational excellence," Martin reflected.

For influencers, the change meant a "smoother, faster payment experience," which significantly boosted their satisfaction and loyalty towards The Goat Agency. Martin didn't hesitate to endorse Gigapay, stating, "Anyone in the influencer space looking to save time and resources while ensuring compliance should consider Gigapay."

“Our rapid growth would have posed considerable challenges without the support of a partner like Gigapay, which enables The Goat Agency to allocate its time and resources to other matters."
Martin Leiva Godoy
Global Senior Manager, Business Excellence, The Goat Agency.

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