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Pay creators

Easily send payments to creators globally, adhering to local tax and employment regulations. Procurement included.

Easily send payments to creators globally, adhering to local tax and employment regulations. Procurement included.

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Global Payouts

Expand to new markets faster

Reduce the complexity and cost of following local tax regulations when paying creators cross-borders. Use Gigapay to get access to compliance in 80+ markets.


Follow local employment and tax regulations worldwide.

More than
80 countries

Pay creators across 6 continents in no time and with confidence.

Local payout

Adapt to creator preferences and offer local payout methods.

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Manage global campaigns with local currencies

Optimize costs of treasury management, by having the option of which currencies to pay-in regardless of where your business is located.


Give your creators the option to choose the currency to send and collect.

Payout in
40 currencies

Transfer funds in the major currencies without extra fees and hidden clauses.

FX rates

Alleviate your creators FX costs by offering the best rates in the market.

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Batch Payouts

Pay multiple creators, no repetition

Streamline your payout operations by eliminating repetitive tasks prone to human error. With Gigapay, you can send 100 payouts with one simple action.


Simplify bookkeeping by turning 100s of invoices into one.

From file
or Automated

Create payments by uploading an .XML file or automate with our API.

No sensitive

Don't hold sensitive data. Send payments with only a name and email.

Gigapay helped making payments easier and faster, while staying compliant, with taxes and benefits covered.
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Martin Leiva Godoy
Global Senior Manager, GOAT (GroupM)
What is Gigapay?

a payment platform acting as a merchant of record

Use Gigapay and pay your creators with the ease of delegating all the vendor-related obligations.

Vendor Onboarding

Unlock new types of vendors, optimize your procurement workflows, and save time on research for every market.

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Global Payments

Generate batch payments, simplify your bookkeeping, and pay vendors following local regulations.

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Tax Compliance

Reduce your liability, save costs on tax compliance research, and comply with local regulations.

Dedicated Support

Offer a seamless experience with direct support for all payment and onboarding matters.


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