Setting Up Influencer Affiliate Marketing For Your Platform

Here is a quick guide on how to set up influencer affiliate marketing to boost your brand's awareness, sales, and reputation.

Ten years ago, the word 'viral' was never fully grasped until the emergence of social media influencers. For the first time, business owners and digital marketers have a tool that could make all their dreams come true, allowing them to sell their goods and services, boost brand awareness, and reputation.

Amazon popularized modern affiliate marketing with its Amazon Associates Program, with over a million affiliates promoting links to various Amazon products. Anyone who has been on social media platforms in the past few years has encountered an influencer or affiliate marketer, whether it is a paid partnership for a new piece of jewelry or a service.

Often, it is a person you know personally or a celebrity whose opinion can influence yours. This type of marketing is particularly effective, as research proves that influencer marketing yields more reach than traditional advertising.

How Influencer Affiliate Marketing Works

The Affiliate marketing industry is a multibillion-dollar industry with exciting opportunities for brands and creators, and it's fast becoming a common way to market products and services without hassles.

It is a digital marketing tactic where you partner with influencer figures with large followings and a strong reputation online, such as Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, and even TikTok. This strategy lies in potential customers seeing the posts and deciding to buy.

On the other hand, the influencer or affiliate earns a commission for every purchase through their unique affiliate link. What makes this strategy unique is that it combines both marketing strategies. You are using influencers already committed to promoting your product and services as affiliate partners.

It is such an effective way to boost your sales that brands such as Daniel Wellington went from small and unknown to becoming a household name in a matter of months.

Building An Influencer Affiliate Program

Suppose you wish to build an influencer affiliate marketing program and grow your brand awareness and lead generation. In that case, you must work with a good affiliate program, such as Osiaffiliates, Refersion, Post Affiliate Pro, Adrecord, Interlaced Influencers, etc.

Also, you must find and maintain a long-term relationship with influencers with an engaging community since they are the critical component of your marketing strategy. The right influencer will make a lot of difference and save you time and money in the long run.

Before you reach out, ensure that you have a mouth-watering compensation plan for your influencers, which can be in the form of monetary payment, products, or a combination of both. If you can offer your influencers an exclusive rate for being affiliates, they'd be more willing to work long-term with your brand. 

How Influencer Affiliate Marketing Benefits Your Brand

  • When you run PPC and influencer campaigns, there's no guarantee that your efforts will yield any result, unlike influencer affiliate marketing since it pays out on the backend of the sale. For instance, your affiliates' link must generate sales, or there is no cost to the company.
  • Also, influencer affiliate marketing offers a more targeted approach by working with influencers in your industry. For brands, this is an excellent alternative to running social media ads and hoping the right users see them.
  • Another benefit that makes influencer affiliate marketing one of the best tactics is its consistency. The fact that your influencers make consistent income promoting your products and services will encourage them to increase their own marketing efforts. A win-win in the end!
  • Finally, it is easy to track performance, depending on the affiliate software that you might be using.


Finding the right influencer and affiliate marketing software can be daunting. So, you don't need to set up this program all alone; when you can delegate other tasks to members of your team.

When influencer marketing and affiliate marketing marry, the result is always staggering. As a rule, ensuring that your influencers or affiliates are paid on time is vital to keep the circle going. That is why platforms like Adrecord, and TaskRabbit pay their influencers, affiliates, and creators using Gigapay. Some examples of how affiliate marketing is still a strong tool for platforms too and not just brands, can be found on how companies like Esthers and Off script are ramping up quickly.

That way, no extra administrative task trying to pay your influencers and affiliates after a great job. So go ahead and book a demo, and we'd be excited to show you how our payment system works.

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