The Gigapay Community: Empowering European Creators, Boosting Innovation and Growth in the Creator Economy.

Are you interested in the creator economy and are curious about the future? Look no further than Gigapay's newly launched Creator Community.

With over 320 million individuals worldwide identifying as creators and over $100 billion invested in the space, the creator economy is booming. And with the launch of Gigapay's Creator Community, European creators have a new platform to kickstart their entrepreneurial careers and connect with like-minded individuals.

But the community is more than just a networking platform. Gigapay's commitment to creating a supportive environment for both businesses and creators in the industry is exemplified in their goal of guiding creators toward financial success through a supportive community. By providing a safe space for creators to connect, network, and collaborate, Gigapay's community adds significant value to the creator economy and helps the company better understand the industry's needs.

The community launch party in Stockholm was attended by influential creators in the Swedish TikTok scene, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Gigapay's journey. As Andrea Neira, Head of Community at Gigapay, puts it, "Our goal is to create a safe space for creators to talk about their struggles, gain valuable intel, and help us build better products for creators and brands."

But the Creator Community is just the beginning. Gigapay plans to expand its physical presence in new cities in Europe during 2023, with the next community event set to take place in London. As Raiha Buchanan, CEO of Gigapay, notes, "Creators are pioneering the new way of work, and with 120 million new creators being established in just two years, the need for a community couldn’t be higher. Although helping businesses that engage creators continues to be core to our strategy, the community helps establish Gigapay as a key European player in the creator economy."

To learn more about the community, please visit: The Gigacommunity For Creators | Gigapay

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