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How To Invoice Without A Company

As a creator, you don't need to start a business before sending an invoice. Learn what details to include in your invoice and how to get paid!

It is possible to invoice without a company. As a freelancer, influencer, creator, or sole trader, you do not need to start your own company before you can invoice your clients. That is because you are already recognized as a sole proprietor - the most common structure to start a business.

Since you're responsible for requesting payment for your services, sending your client an invoice is the best way to get paid instantly.

While there are many invoice generators and templates that you can use, it is important that it looks professional since it reflects your worth and work style. Here are some of the details to include in your invoice:

1. A Professional Header

Your business name or full name should be at the top of the invoice, bold and easy to read. Make it more prominent than the rest of the text on the invoice.

After your name, you will want to include other relevant information such as contact details, mailing address, phone number, email address, and website. Ensure you write each item on a different line to make it easier to read. To add some professional touches, consider creating and including a logo.

2. Client Contact Information

As you advance, you will need to specify to whom you send the payment invoices. Below the invoice header, include the recipient's name, address, phone number, and other additional contact information.

Just like a formal letter, your contact information should be on the opposite side of the recipient's information. For example, if your business name and logo are on the top right side of your invoice, your customer's information should be below on the left side.

3. Invoice Details

The next step is your invoice details, which help your clients track your invoices. These details include:

  • Invoice number
  • Date Prepared
  • Payment due date

Often, invoices have a due date of 30, 45, 60, and 90 days for payment. Depending on the invoicing software that you're using, you can set automatic reminders, so you don't need to send reminders manually every time.

Furthermore, you need to specify the different payment methods that you accept. It could be cash, check, credit card, PayPal, or better yet, Gigapay.

When you send a professional-looking invoice with all the relevant information, it incentivizes your clients to pay their invoices on time.

A Smoother Way To Invoice

Manually invoicing your clients can be a headache and error-prone. That is why creators and professionals alike use Gigapay to invoice their clients after a fantastic job. With us, you do not need to start your own company. Instead, you invoice and receive a salary from us.

You don't need to worry about declarations, VAT, or taxes. When you invoice through us, we take care of that, saving you the stress so you can focus on better things, such as creating genuine and creative content and maintaining a profound and positive relationship with your clients.

Feel free to book a demo. We'd be happy to show you how it works :)

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