Mário Rodrigues Named New Head of Marketing at Gigapay

Mário Sérgio Rodrigues has been annouced as the new Head of Marketing at Gigapay. Mário will be coordinating Gigapay’s marketing operations and building a team of marketing professionals to develop and execute marketing strategies focused on expansion and awareness of Gigapay. 

“Gigapay has shown an amazing growth of 170% last year, driven by an exceptional product and team with very little marketing investment. That’s why I am so excited by the opportunity to make Gigapay a cult brand amongst creators” said Mário. “I am really humbled for this opportunity and excited for the times ahead. I can’t wait to execute what we have planned!”.

Raiha Buchanan, CEO at Gigapay has commented the decision: “Mario has demonstrated exceptional productivity, adaptability, and a positive attitude, which has greatly contributed to the success of Gigapay. We feel fortunate to have him on board and his work has helped elevate the perception of what we’re doing at Gigapay”.

Mário’s promotion strengthens their focus on its growth and expansion, following their service being available in 59 markets. The company plans to continue expanding its services in the coming months and launch new features to further improve the user experience.

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