How Gigapay Transforms Onboarding to Boost Creator Experience

Discover how Gigapay transforms creator onboarding for a hassle-free, efficient process. Join us and elevate your creator experience today!

Being a creator is about building, creating, and reshaping the world around you - not adjusting to the realities of administration. Therefore, any company working with creators should ensure that their creators' experience should be smooth, enjoyable, and free of unnecessary hurdles. Unfortunately, traditional vendor onboarding often represents the very antithesis of this concept. Between confusing processes, time-consuming tasks, and a heap of irrelevant questions, creators are left feeling overwhelmed and bogged down, their creative process stifled by administrative red tape.

Enter Gigapay. We are redefining the creator onboarding process, transforming it into a seamless and efficient experience. At Gigapay, we understand creators. We recognize their passion, value their time, and aim to provide an onboarding process that matches their dedication to inspiring their audience.

So, how have we revolutionized creator onboarding, and why are creators loving us for it? Let's delve deeper to understand the Gigapay difference and why it's the future of creator onboarding.

The Pains of Traditional Vendor Onboarding

The Confusion and Time-Consumption

Understanding the traditional vendor onboarding process can often feel like a complex puzzle. The process is confusing and filled with unfamiliar jargon that leaves creators dependent on influencer marketing managers just to cross the initial barrier.

And the bigger the corporation, the harder it gets. Some corporations require an RFP (Request for Proposal) for every vendor onboarding process, but this is not possible. This means that the brands have to work with agencies to process their influencer marketing efforts, which comes with a hefty invoice. This dependency on agencies affects largely the ROI potential of influencer marketing - a lost opportunity for brands that want to leverage their growth with this powerful channel.

The Waiting Game

Think of a worst-case scenario – traditional vendor onboarding can take up to six months. Even in the best-case scenario, creators need to wait around two weeks to be approved as a vendor. After that, they will have to follow the normal payment terms of the brand or agency.

This experience has shown to not be efficient nor appreciated by the creators. There are countless of creators of all sizes that share stories of waiting 6 or more months to get compensated for a partnership with a brand, which is one social media share away of damaging the brand reputation that took so many years to build.

The Tax Forms

“What a great experience” - said no one while filling up a tax form. 

Giving creators forms filled with complex terms makes the whole process painful and confusing. And, depending on the payout service, creators end up filling up forms that are not related to their country, so, completely unknown to them.

The poor experience leads to procrastination, which will slow down your processes when it is time to report to the tax agencies. Most of the time will be spent chasing down the influencers to send you the tax forms or verifying and correcting any mistakes made in the process.

Irrelevant Questions and Unending Emails

Traditional vendor onboarding forms often contain questions unfamiliar to creators, leading to human error and more back-and-forth revisions. And, due to the usual lack of transparency in the onboarding process, there is a need to activate multiple departments to solve one single problem.

The Gigapay Revolution in Creator Onboarding

Streamlined Vendor Onboarding and Ready to Earn in Minutes

One vendor onboarding is all you need to start onboarding creators in seconds. After onboarding Gigapay as your vendor, you get access to a world where expanding your influencer efforts worldwide is simple, fast, and safe.

With Gigapay, completing your creator’s KYC and being ready to receive a payout takes just a few minutes. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to our 7-second payouts that will make your creator satisfaction higher than ever.

Get on board with Gigapay now and experience quicker payouts!

Optimized Forms for Excellent Creator Experience

We've fine-tuned the creator onboarding forms to provide an exceptional customer experience, whilst guaranteeing we ask the right questions to meet compliance requirements globally, such as DAC7.

And, to make sure there are no blockers to the creator, support is offered throughout the whole journey, so that it feels smooth, like a walk in the park.

Experience Gigapay’s simplified onboarding process now!

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Emails

Gigapay streamlines communication. All we need is the creator’s name, country of residence, phone number, and email to generate an onboarding link. The link is then sent via SMS to the creator - simple, quick, and efficient.

Creators Love Gigapay

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85 reflects the satisfaction creators have experienced with Gigapay. But don't just take our word for it:

Alva Blomdahl, a fashion influencer, says, “Great experience. It’s one of the easiest tools ever! One-click and you get paid in seconds.”

Olivia Theodora Alkin, another fashion influencer, mirrors this sentiment: “It has never been easier to get paid!”

Join Gigapay and elevate your creator experience today!

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