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Driving Data-Driven Decisions in Influencer Marketing

Insights on data-driven influencer marketing with Marco Ricci, CEO of Takumi. Learn how AI, global expansion, and compliance are shaping the industry.

Andrea Neira
May 2024
Influencer Marketing

Interview with Marco Ricci, CEO of Takumi

Andrea: Hello, everyone. Today, we're delighted to have Marco Ricci, CEO of Takumi, with us from London. How's everything over there, Marco?

Marco: It's good, Andrea. All fine here, just the usual London rain.

Andrea: I can imagine. Today, we're diving into influencer marketing and your extensive experience. Having worked with Anna Wintour must have been intriguing. How was that experience?

Marco: Working at Condé Nast was like being part of a well-oiled machine. My role was to drive the transition from print to digital, which I am happy to say was a great success. Working with Anna Wintour was an incredible opportunity to witness the creation of visionary ideas.

Andrea: Your journey from receiving a surprising call to joining Condé Nast must have been something. Can you share that story?

Marco: After speaking at an event in New York, I got a call about leading the next chapter for Condé Nast. It seemed unreal at first, but after a rigorous selection process, I was fortunate to join their team.

Andrea: Moving from Google and Microsoft to Takumi must have been a significant transition. How did you end up at Takumi?

Marco: My journey has always been about learning. Influencer marketing presented a new challenge. Takumi had a strong foundation and potential for growth, particularly in becoming a data-driven business, which attracted me to the role.

Andrea: With the rise of influencer marketing, what do you believe needs innovation in the industry?

Marco: The key is data-driven decisions. We've introduced a new product, Influence Score, to provide brands with real-time, actionable insights, allowing for optimization and improved performance in influencer campaigns.

Andrea: What sets Takumi apart from other influencer marketing platforms?

Marco: Takumi offers a full-service platform, strong in creator relationships and global reach. We manage the entire campaign process, from content creation to data reporting and creator payments, differentiating ourselves by our comprehensive approach and global footprint.

Andrea: Let's talk about AI. How is Takumi incorporating AI, and what impact do you see it having on the industry?

Marco: AI plays a critical role in creator authentication and campaign forecasting at Takumi. We're exploring AI influencers and using AI for pre-vetting campaign matches, which could significantly speed up and improve the campaign process for us.

Andrea: Expansion seems crucial in this industry. How does Takumi plan to scale into new markets?

Marco: Technology allows us to be borderless. We can activate campaigns globally as long as we have the right scale of creators, whether they are AI-generated or real. However, language barriers and cultural nuances present challenges that we are eager to address through AI and technology.

Andrea: With regulations like DAC7 emerging, how do you view compliance and transparency in influencer marketing?

Marco: Regulations aim to enhance transparency and accountability, benefiting creators and companies alike. Platforms and brands must ensure compliance and establish trust through clear and auditable channels.

Andrea: Finally, if you were to share a message with the influencer marketing industry, what would it be?

Marco: Own your data. Brands should take control of their data to improve performance and achieve their marketing objectives. At Takumi, we believe in letting data guide us to better outcomes for our clients.

Andrea: Marco, it's been enlightening. Thank you for sharing your insights. Looking forward to catching up in London soon.

Marco: Thank you, Andrea. Looking forward to it.

Watch the full interview here on YouTube, or listen here on Spotify.

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