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Streamline Your Global Payment Flow

Simplify global payments with Gigapay's Universal Vendor Onboarding. Add Gigapay once, then easily pay creators worldwide, minimizing administrative burdens and focusing on business growth. Experience hassle-free, efficient payment management with Gigapay.

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Automate your KYC process

Eliminate time-consuming KYC procedures with Gigapay. Our automated onboarding process handles KYC requirements, freeing you to concentrate on what matters most—growing your business.

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Simplify Payment Management

Gigapay's user-friendly solution empowers anyone to manage payments swiftly—all it takes is an email or phone number. Utilize our dashboard to enter payee details or upload an Excel file to pay multiple influencers at once.

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With the help of Gigapay we are the first affiliate network in Sweden to offer Instant Payouts, a feature our users appreciate as we move into a market where everything has to be delivered faster to be ahead of the competition


Seize Every Opportunity

Don't let slow onboarding processes cost you valuable opportunities. Gigapay's fast and easy creator onboarding ensures you can work with any creator, strengthening relationships without payment logistics concerns. Stay ahead of the competition—join Gigapay today and never miss out on a potential partnership.

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Book a meeting with one of our growth strategists to get the best solution for your creators' payouts.