Meet Henry Ibeleme, Our Awesome Wordsmith

Meet Henry Ibeleme, our copywriter and great communicator. It's been a dream working with Henry. Find out more in this fun interview :)

In the words of Thomas Devito, the founder of Tom&Co, Henry Ibeleme is a great resource, a communicator, and a top-notch copywriter. The thing is, It's not every day you meet someone who is fascinated by written words and their impact on the human psyche.

For the past few months, Henry has been in charge of our copies here at Gigapay. From the blogs to the social media updates, newsletters, and so far, it's been a dream working with him. In this fun interview, we give you an opportunity to get to know him a bit better :)

1. Hi Henry, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I'm from Abia State, Nigeria, with a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurial Studies. Before graduating in 2019, I had always been fascinated by arts, entrepreneurship, and the science of expression.

I think my journey began years ago when my father taught me how to read the English Language. Immediately it was like a new world was unveiled before my eyes. I was burying myself in books, in worlds far better than the ones I know.

It was only a matter of time before the hunger to create emerged - the unscratchable urge to express myself and compel desired emotions and actions. My first attempt at expression was when I started my first blog.

It was nothing serious. I merely wanted to punch down the rambles in my brain. I was writing every day because it was my escape, and I was getting better, and the positive responses from my readers were proof.

My degree and passion for business steered me into working for business owners and professionals with businesses online. I learned Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization. Most of all, I dabbled into copywriting, and it's been my most admirable skill thanks to the likes of David Ogilvy, Drayson Bird, Joe Coleman, and many others, and I'm still learning.

2. How did you get to this position?

A year ago, I got a mail from Raiha Buchanan, the Co-founder, and CEO of Gigapay, to work as a content writer for a few projects, and it was the best mail ever. We had a few calls and handled a few projects together, and the experience was incredible. Then about a few months ago, I got a call from Raiha for a new contract, and I couldn't say no. Working with Gigapay is a dream :)

3. What do you do for fun?

Aside from reading, I love working in the gym, driving down to the countryside, cooking my favorite delicacies, like Egusi and Afang Soup, and watching Kurzgesagt on YouTube for their fun animation and engaging storytelling.

4. What's your typical day like as a writer?

My day starts at 6.AM, except on weekends when my bed is too cozy to leave. So first, I begin by making my bed and doing a bit of cleaning. Not only does it set my mood, the little win is all the momentum I need to start my day, a trick I learned from my trainer.

I work with a calendar, so I already know the type of content to create every week and the expected publishing date. So when my fingers start running frantically through the keyboards, know that the creation process has begun.

5. Are you a cat or a dog person?

I have owned both, but consider myself a dog person due to how much dogs care compared to the sassy attitude of cats :)

6. So far, what has been your experience working with Gigapay?

Gigapay is a dream brand, and working with Raiha Buchanan, Andrea Neira, David Hansson, Thomas Brunner, and a whole lot of others has been an excellent experience. I love that every project gets my heart pumping, and I'm always excited to collaborate and create something valuable and impactful. In the creator and gig economy, getting paid as an influencer or creator has always been a hassle. Now, I'm part of the vision, and I couldn't be more excited :)

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