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Boozt Your In-house Influencer Marketing with Cristina Oliosi

Unsure if you should outsource your influencer marketing campaigns or run them in-house? Find out more from Cristina Oliosi.

Kyla Chan
April 2024
Influencer Marketing


Still deciding on whether you should outsource your influencer marketing campaigns or run them in-house? Take it from a company that runs influencer operations themselves - Boozt. 

Cristina Oliosi, the Brand Activation & Social Media Team Lead at Boozt ensures that their brand voice reaches and connects with their audience across their various platforms. From social media campaigns and magazine content creation to conceptualizing photoshoots and coordinating with influencers for collaborations, her day is blended with creativity and strategic execution. Her work aims to go beyond traditional marketing strategies, for their audience to engage with Boozt in a personal and genuine way – “We're not just selling products; we're crafting stories and experiences that align with our audience's lifestyle and values.”

Evolution of their influencer marketing strategy:

Initially, their influencer strategy was engaging with influencers on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Although it was effective to an extent, it lacked consistency and was unable to convey the message and essence of the brand. They realized that to harness the potential of influencer marketing in the fashion and beauty industry, they needed to have more consistent partnerships.

Thus, they changed their strategy to focus on long-term collaborations with a curated group of brand ambassadors. It is more authentic and creates genuine connections between the brand and the audience. Going from transactional interactions to meaningful partnerships made their outreach more impactful.

Her tips: 

  • Long-term collaborationssome text
    • Once they implemented this new strategy, they saw improvements in their engagement metrics and their direct sales from influencer collaborations. They believe this is because the brand ambassadors they chose align with the company’s values and vision, making the paid content feel more authentic to the audience.
  • Find influencers that embody your brand valuessome text
    • How they chose their brand ambassadors:some text
      • First, they looked at analytics such as reach, engagement, and audience demographics to ensure that their paid content would reach their target audience. Secondly, finding the creators whose content and values resonate with theirs - in particular their commitment to sustainability and innovation. It ensures the content can engage the audience in an authentic and impactful way.
  • Co-creating contentsome text
    • Because they keep their influencer operations in-house, this means that they can operate more effectively than others in the industry - personalizing content, and campaigns move quicker. They directly engage with their influencers which creates this collaborative environment, where content in each campaign follows brand values while also giving the influencers creative freedom to create content that resonates with the audience. It is a transparent, mutually beneficial partnership model that allows them to co-create content with the influencers that is impactful towards their audience.

Struggles they face in influencer marketing:

The most difficult part of influencer marketing right now would be trying to track and measure the qualitative aspects like brand awareness and loyalty. Despite advancements in analytics, trying to quantify these engagements remains an obstacle. They are continually exploring new ways and technologies to put numbers to these effects, to better understand the full impact of their partnerships beyond the transactional metrics.

Their message to share with the industry about working with influencers:

The core of influencer marketing lies in authenticity and alignment. Content is everywhere and the secret to standing out is not through volume but through genuine connections. Choose influencers who not only amplify your message but embody your brand’s values, and who create content that speaks to your audience. Partnerships are meant to help both your brand and the influencer grow in tandem. Authentic engagement is not just the key to successful marketing, but also of building a brand that resonates deeply with your audience.

To watch the full interview on YouTube, click here

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Thank you to Cristina for sharing Boozt’s experience running their in-house influencer marketing operations!

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