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Creator Economy

Here we share the latest news, trends, and tips to help you grow your creator business. From social media strategies to financial advice, we've got you covered. Stay informed and inspired with our expert insights and join our community.

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In Conversations with Daniel Sanchez, Founder & CEO InfluenCity

A great read for those who want to get ready with either product seeding or paid collaborations within influencer marketing!

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Ahead Of The Curve With SocialPubli

Learn how SocialPubli started working with influencers even before Instagram or Facebook existed. Today they work with the biggest agencies in Spain.

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Marketer In Focus: Jesica Alcalde

Jesica Alcalde, gives us the 3 main reasons why brands stop working with creators in any niche.

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Scott Guthrie, IMTB's Director General on the current influencer marketing landscape in the UK.

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Tax Implications for UK Creators: HMRC’s Wake Up Call and How Gigapay Can Help

Learn about the tax implications for online content creators and marketplace traders. HMRC's latest crackdown could affect those unaware of their tax obligations. Find out more here.

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What Creator Outsourcing Mean And How It Works

Outsourcing content creation can help businesses access a wider pool of talent and expertise, and scale their content production efforts efficiently. To outsource effectively, businesses should identify their needs, find the right creators, set clear expectations and goals, provide necessary resources, consider budget and payment, and manage the relationship. Using a platform like Gigapay can help streamline the payment process and make it easier for businesses to pay creators all over the world.

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Here Are Things You Need to Know About the Creator Economy in 2023

The creator economy is a rapidly growing industry that is changing how we think about work and creativity. From online content creators to independent artists, the creator economy is empowering individuals to turn their passions into profitable careers.

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How The Creator Economy Is The Future Of The Economy

It has been purported that the Creator Economy is the future of the economy, and there are numerous reasons for this claim.

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The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Sole Trader Invoice

As a creator, the invoice you send to clients says a lot about you and your work. So here's how to invoice like a pro!!

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How To Invoice Without A Company

As a creator, you don't need to start a business before sending an invoice. Learn what details to include in your invoice and how to get paid!

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