Zimpler And Gigapay Join Forces To Provide Instant Payouts For Content Creators

Zimpler and Gigapay teams up to provide a hassle-free payout management system for influencers and content creators.

Getting paid as an influencer or content creator used to be a hassle, but not anymore, especially with Zimpler and Gigapay teaming up to provide a seamless payout management system for content creators. 

For the first time, content creators can do what they love without worrying about getting paid on time. It is also worth noting that Gigapay was the first to accommodate freelancers without a registered company. And with this newfound partnership with Zimpler, Gigapay is also the first to provide instant payouts to creators with a registered company.

With the creator economy estimated to be worth more than $100 billion, and more than 50 million creators worldwide, an instant payout system becomes an important tool that makes all the difference.

With Zimpler’s partnership with Gigapay, creators and sole traders can get paid instantly. Platforms already using Zimpler’s and Gigapay’s services include adrecord, Society Icon, Taskrabbit.

According to Raiha Buchanan, the CEO and co-founder of Gigapay, 

Our collaboration with Zimpler will provide Gigapay users with the best service and functions possible, allowing self-employed creators to receive instant payouts without having to rely on a traditional long billing cycle. As many creatives who are self-employed value instant payouts, we know that removing this element can be life-changing.

“With the fintech industry continually growing and expanding, many have started to see the value in collaborations. Having a strong fintech ecosystem is key to continued growth and success, and it is done by continuously improving the quality of products and services offered, allowing sharing of knowledge and expertise.”

Speaking on this partnership, Catrine Rhenberg, Head of Partnership at Zimpler, said:

“For us, simplicity is everything. We want people, no matter their form of employment, to have a seamless and simple experience when it comes to their workers compensation and payout. 

“Fintech as we know it is evolving and changing every day. Our main goal is to provide our clients and users with the best solutions and experiences possible. To do this, we need partners who understand us, our brand and who also challenge us to be the best Zimpler in every way – today and tomorrow. We are very pleased to be working closely with Gigapay, as we believe that strong collaborations are key to staying relevant in fintech.”

We hope to achieve something tremendous in this partnership by helping influencers, freelancers, and content creators get paid after a collaboration, with taxes and social benefits declared.

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