What do Giggers and Freelancers want?

If you are building a gig platform at the moment or engage with the gig economy in any way, it is important you understand the basic interests of gig workers. This post will help you navigate the gig economy to find success for your fast-growing business model, especially if you are looking to hire your next giggers!

The gig economy is transforming business and work models all around the world. The shift from the classic 9 to 5 jobs to freelance or temporary work is growing at a fast pace and it attracts thousands of workers every day. In Sweden, this market grew over 5% in the first quarter. [1] So, what is it exactly that is so appealing in this kind of work and what do gig workers look for?


Flexibility is the most important thing for Gig Workers. From hours of work, to kinds of gigs they can accept, to mobility and to creating their own space to work.

The opportunity to work from home, from a vacation spot or from a co-working space while pursuing other side projects and being able to pay for the bills. The rising options for on-demand jobs can take off the pressure and stress of working in a limited, conventional way. Being their own boss and managing time as they wish, is a main concern for gig workers. For some, having creative control of projects and tasks might seem unreal, but for a gig worker it’s standard! Or just the fact that they can make their own schedule and take as much time off as they wish 😊

Establishing new connections and branding

Being an independent worker means having to network and constantly put yourself out there. Gig workers depend on expanding their network and making their own brand. Having a successful gig will help spread the word about their work and build a reputation. Establishing connections and creating bridges is the way to go.

Diversifying and boosting the portfolio is essential. And it is key to mention how important prospecting new clients and managing their own clientele is for them. If the platform they find Gigs from enables them to expand their network, it will help them massively grow their customer base.

Advanced and secure platforms to work

Just as customers expect data security and working arrangements when getting a service from a digital platform, gig workers want the same. They expect their data and portfolio to be taken with priority.

Gig workers look for platforms that are able to offer this peace of mind when putting their work and time there. So, it is important to have a reliable platform!

An easy, fast and reliable way to receive payments!

Taxes, deductions, social fees, invoicing… it’s all a hassle! So many issues can arise when dealing with gig salary payouts, both for the party who is paying and for the gigger or freelancer who receives the payment.

According to a research by the Freelancers Union, over 70% of freelancers have trouble getting paid at some point in their careers. [2]

Keeping a detailed record of the ongoing projects and due payments is a good first step. Don’t be afraid of emphasizing the payment methods or breakdown of each payout so you both have clear communication and understanding.

Make sure to have an user friendly and reliable way of paying these salaries. Some companies build their own internal payment systems but it takes a lot of time and requires a fully dedicated team to keep this functioning and adapting to new payout methodologies. If you decide to outsource gig salary payouts to a 3rd party make sure they are fast, reliable and transparent!

A quick way to put a foot in the job market

This is one of the biggest problems developed countries who have suffered from the Covid crisis have right now: job creation. The gig economy has proven to be one of the best ways to help people become active in the job market during the crisis, especially those who lost their job or saw how their earnings were lowered due to the situation.

The increasing needs for on demand work solutions combined with the rise of digital platforms, has exploded the gig economy market. Especially considering the current pandemic, services are moving to online platforms – which opens endless possibilities and opportunities for job creation. It doesn’t matter the level of experience or field, the gig economy has a place for everyone and it is the easiest way of putting a foot in the job market nowadays.

The fact that gig workers are able to extend their reach for jobs and networking, and fill gaps that the traditional job market can't at the moment, is a facilitator of the gig economy when it comes to generating jobs.


  2. How Freelancers Can Make Sure They Get Paid on Time
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