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Meet Joaquin Bonino Quintana: Our Sassy Cat-Loving Backend Developer

In this interview, we had the pleasure of getting to know our newest backend developer, Joaquin Bonino Quintana. With a love for both the theater and technology, Joaquin brings a unique perspective to the Gigapay team. In addition to his impressive skills as a developer, he also has a special bond with his sassy cat. We are excited to see what kind of contributions Joaquin will make to our team and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

Meet Joaquin Bonino Quintana, our newest and sassiest backend developer! When he's not busy tackling complex coding projects, you can find him indulging his passion for the theater or doting on his beloved feline friend. 

With an unscratchable itch for both the stage and the tech world, Joaquin is sure to bring a unique perspective to the Gigapay team. We can't wait to learn more about his experience working with us and to see what kind of magic he creates with his code. 

Get ready for an interesting and fun interview with Joaquin!

1. Hi Joaquin, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I would love to! I grew up in Uppsala but moved to Stockholm when I started studying at KTH. I've been studying computer science, and I'm almost done with my studies. I've also worked at KTH and got very involved in the student union, where I, among other things, was part of the union board and was the auditor for a year.

2. How did you get to this position?

I had a friend that had worked for Gigapay and recommended me. So I applied, and after a pretty fun coding challenge, I got the job.

3. What do you often like to do for fun?

Well, as I said before, I got very involved in the student union, and one of my favorite things was the student theater. Through it, I fell in love with the theater, and I've done everything from work as a technician to being an actor and was even director for last year's show. But, unfortunately, now that I can't be part of the student theater, I will have to find something else that scratches that itch.  

4. What's your typical day like as a backend developer

The day usually starts around 9 am, and then instant problem-solving. I've had a good balance of tasks in which I got to rewrite old features and implement new ones. The week is also dispersed with meetings here and there, which is a good way of catching up with the rest of the team.

5. Do you consider yourself a dog or cat person?

I love both, but I'm afraid my cat Gandalf will be pissed if I answer anything other than a cat person.

6. How's your experience working with the team at Gigapay?

My experience has been great! Everyone is lovely, and I feel we have a great atmosphere in the office. I've really felt supported and had an incredible feeling of comradery from the entire team. I look forward to learning from all of them.

As the interview ended, we couldn't help but feel grateful to have such a unique and talented individual like Joaquin Bonino Quintana on our team. His passion for both the theater and the tech world brings a fresh perspective to the table, and his love for his sassy cat only adds to his charm. We are excited to see the great things he will accomplish at Gigapay and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

Thank you, Joaquin, for sharing your story with us and for choosing to be a part of the Gigapay family.

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