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Expanding Influencer Marketing to the US

Thinking of expanding your influencer marketing to the US? Here are some tips!

Andrea Neira
April 2024
Influencer Marketing


As more and more European CEOs of influencer marketing platforms consider the enticing venture of expanding into the US market, understanding the distinct landscape becomes paramount. Drawing from the expertise of Sebastian Wolff, Director of Influence at Brandwatch, who started his career in Europe and currently heads Brandwatch’s Influence department from LA, this guide underscores the critical differences and strategic considerations for a successful transatlantic expansion.

Regulatory Rigor vs. Flexibility: Navigating US Waters

"The European Union, with its stringent adherence to GDPR, sets a high bar for data privacy and transparency," notes Wolff. This contrasts with the US's approach, where FTC guidelines prioritize transparent disclosures without the heavy emphasis on data privacy seen in Europe. However, with states like California introducing stricter data privacy laws, Wolff suggests a potential shift towards more rigorous regulations in the US. For CEOs planning to expand, staying abreast of these evolving regulations is crucial for compliance and successful market entry.

The Scale of Influence: Adjusting Your Strategy

Wolff highlights a significant difference in market dynamics between the EU and the US, particularly in the scale required to achieve influencer status. "In the US, the threshold is a bit higher," he explains, indicating the larger follower base needed to be considered a medium or mega influencer. This disparity necessitates a tailored approach to influencer collaboration and campaign planning, emphasizing the importance of understanding local market nuances to engage effectively with the US audience.

Cultural Insights: Personalization vs. Transaction

Drawing from his experience, Wolff observes that European influencer marketing often features more personal and collaborative campaigns, while the US market tends towards more transactional interactions. This cultural nuance underscores the need for CEOs to adapt their strategies to resonate with the US market, ensuring campaigns feel authentic and personal to foster engagement and trust.

A Vision for the Future: Embracing Transparency and Collaboration

Looking ahead, Wolff advocates for greater transparency and collaboration within the industry, stressing that "the market is getting so deluded with so many competitors... we can't keep fighting each other the entire time." For CEOs contemplating US expansion, this vision calls for strategic partnerships and open communication to navigate the competitive landscape successfully. Collaborating with local platforms, agencies, and influencers can provide valuable insights and foster a unified approach to influencer marketing in the US.


For CEOs of European influencer marketing platforms eyeing expansion into the US, understanding the regulatory, cultural, and market differences is key to crafting impactful strategies. Drawing on Sebastian Wolff's insights, this guide offers a foundational roadmap for navigating the complex yet promising US influencer marketing landscape. As you plan your expansion, remember the importance of adaptability, compliance, and collaboration to not only enter but thrive in the US market.

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