Gigapay Takes on Miami: Connecting with Startups and Thought Leaders at Venture City Summit 2023

Gigapay Takes on Miami: Connecting with Startups and Thought Leaders at Venture City Summit 2023

Gigapay recently went to Miami to attend The Venture City summit 2023, and network with some of the hottest startups in the scene - they are still buzzing from the incredible experience of connecting with this community of founders, investors, and ecosystem builders from around the world. The summit featured two days of stimulating panel discussions, guest speakers such as Dan Schulman (CEO of PayPal), valuable networking opportunities, interactive breakout sessions, and a rooftop happy hour. It was an memorable event that left everyone at Gigapay feeling energized and inspired (just by hearing about it)!

Andrea Neira, Head of Community, had the privilege of speaking with some of the thought leaders in the venture city’s community, one of them being Jeanine Suah, Angel investor and Head of Community at Brex. In their interview, Jeanine shared her insights about Brex, an all-in-one finance tool that supports venture-backed startups from ideation to IPO. Jeanine highlighted that Brex focuses on adding value through various activities such as facilitating introductions, sharing resources, and presenting relevant opportunities. With a community of over 10,000 founders spanning the entire startup ecosystem, Brex aims to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. “A lot of our community is rooted in founders, but it also expands to other SaaS companies that support that founder group”, Jeanine says.

Jeanine emphasized that her team of three people prefers to connect in person, so she travels across the US to meet with their community. 

Jeanine is a Linkedin and Twitter influencer with thousands of followers. In the interview she shares about how she went viral on Linkedin during the pandemic by sharing her “motivation Mondays” videos, which led her to her current role at Brex. 

Thank you Jeanine and Brex for sharing your insights and experiences with us. It is inspiring to see businesses like TVC and Brex making a real difference in the startup community by providing the necessary tools and resources to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Sit back, relax and watch the full interview here!

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