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What are the benefits of integrating a Merchant of Record?

Delve into the benefits of integrating an MoR to support your business and creative professionals.

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Do you need a Merchant of Record? (and how to choose the right one)

Discover how to pick the right MoR for your business and tips to ensure hassle-free integration

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What is a Merchant of Record for Creative Services?

Read on to find out the fundamental role of an MoR for creative services.

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Product Update (February 2024)

Introducing new dashboard features designed to enhance and smoothen your daily operations even more than before!

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Streamline Your Influencer Payments with Gigapay: The Effortless Guide to Handling Influencer Marketing Finances

Streamline your influencer payments with Gigapay. Discover how this platform simplifies payouts in influencer marketing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Our API

Years ago, paying influencers, freelancers and creators after a collaboration was a tough battle. Here's all you need to know about our API.

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About Our Swish & Bank Transfer Payouts

Years ago, getting paid as a creator was almost impossible. Here's everything you need to know about our swish and bank transfer payouts.

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Hurray! Gigapay Launches Self-Billing

With Gigapay’s self–billing, you can pay your influencers and creators instantly to their bank account. No headaches. No stress!

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Workbee Made An API Wrapper And A Gigapay Postman Collection!

Workbee made a simple API wrapper for Gigapay's APIs. It’s going to help make your work with Gigapay's API easy, fast and efficient.

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Building A Seamless Payment System For The Future Of Work

A seamless payment system cannot be overemphasized if you work with influencers, creators, or other digital-first global industries.

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