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How Adrecord Boosted User Experience with Gigapay

Published 14 September 2023

Discover how Adrecord enhanced their user satisfaction through Gigapay - unlocking instant payouts, simplified onboarding and efficient collaborations for their partner marketing platform.

March 2024
Partner Marketing

The challenge

Adrecord, a leading partner marketing platform, was grappling with significant challenges that affected its efficiency and overall user experience. "Our previous payout partner had a complex creator onboarding process, often resulting in email communications being missed or landing in spam folders," explained Linus Wickberg, CEO of Adrecord. This led to confusion, delays, and a surge in support inquiries, frustrating users who were eagerly awaiting their commissions.

The absence of a instant payout functionality compounded these issues, creating a bottleneck that hampered Adrecord's mission to streamline collaborations between e-retailers and their partners.

What we did

In response to these challenges, Adrecord embarked on a pivotal partnership with Gigapay. "Instant payouts and easy onboarding - Gigapay is like the perfect cocktail," Wickberg remarked.

This collaboration was marked by the integration of a "one-click" payout button through Gigapay’s straightforward API, offering users instant access to their funds. The result was not only a boost in user satisfaction but also a significant decrease in support inquiries. Gigapay's approach to onboarding, which replaced email with SMS verification, simplified the registration and account setup process.

"The ease and efficiency of Gigapay's onboarding process attracted new users, with 90-95% preferring it over the previous system," Wickberg added. Furthermore, Gigapay's proficiency in managing compliance issues across various markets equipped Adrecord with the tools needed for future expansion and seamless collaborations.

The outcome

The strategic alliance with Gigapay revolutionized Adrecord's operations, yielding a seamless and vastly improved user experience. "Our users love Gigapay," Wickberg noted, emphasizing the sharp decrease in support inquiries and the overwhelming preference of new users for Gigapay.

This partnership not only solved the initial challenges but also positioned Adrecord for successful market expansion, leveraging Gigapay's compliance expertise. "Gigapay's simplicity, responsibility, and seamless integration through its API make it a no-brainer for those seeking a reliable payout solution," Wickberg advised businesses in search of a similar partnership.

The initial concerns about introducing a new payout option quickly dissipated as a staggering 95% of new users showed a preference for Gigapay, signifying a promising path ahead for Adrecord's growth and collaboration efforts.

“Our users love Gigapay. Our initial concerns regarding the introduction of a new payout option vanished when we saw that a staggering 95% of our users preferred Gigapay over our previous payout partner.”
Linus Wickberg
CEO, Adrecord

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