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Perfect solution for your Agency

Our platform makes it easy to manage payouts to all your creators. With our end-to-end solution, you can streamline your influencer operations and focus on growing your business.

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Eliminate 80% of your admin workload

Manually handling compliance, tax, and payments for hundreds of creators is hard and time-consuming. With Gigapay, you say goodbye to boring tasks and start allocating the time saved to grow your business.

How it works

Without Gigapay we wouldn’t have been able to scale our rapid growth.

- Martin Leiva Godoy, Operations Lead at The Goat Agency (GroupM Nexus)

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One invoice per campaign

Say goodbye to checking the pile of invoices after a campaign is finished. Gigapay consolidates all the invoices into one - ready to send for bookkeeping.

Consolidated invoicing
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Offer the best creator experience

No more questions regarding complex onboarding paperwork. Offer your creators the smoothest payout experience in the market and save countless hours of support. The few questions that might come in, we take care of it!

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