Well, almost! We’ve been very lucky to be supported by Startup Sweden and Tillväxtverket, to participate in their Access German, program this August. We’re so excited about this! With a population of nearly 84 million, and also a GDP of $4.7 tr, this is definitely one of the big ones.

We know many digital marketplace businesses operating in Germany are looking for a solution like Gigapay, where they can stream real-time compliant payouts to their task-based workers. Problem is, that there’s no good way to solve it today. We know Germany is a complex market when it comes to employment law, taxes, and all of that good stuff. That’s why we can’t wait to roll our sleeves up and investigate what it takes to get our product on the ground.

A big thank you to Startup Sweden (again!), Tillväxtverket, Svenska Handelskammaren Tyksland and GTAI for believing in us! David, Gustav and myself look forward to seeing you in August!

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