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Mário Sérgio Rodrigues

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The Gigapay Advantage: How Our Platform Can Help Your Company Grow Your Influencer Marketing Business

Gigapay streamlines high-volume creator payouts for brands and agencies, providing fast, simple and secure payment management, real-time payouts, and flexibility in setting payment terms for optimal growth of your influencer marketing business.

The Gigapay platform was built with one goal in mind: to make it easier for brands and agencies to work and improve their relationship with all kinds of influencers. With our payment solution, you can manage your own invoice process and pay out creators in real-time using a streamlined workflow. We understand how important it is to work with an experienced team that understands the unique needs of influencer marketing platforms, so we’re excited to share just how far our expertise in this industry has come over time.

A simplified invoice process for creators and influencers.

Gigapay is a platform designed for creators, influencers and brands. It's a fast, simple and secure way to manage payments and payouts that gives you full control over your data.

We take care of all the details so you can focus on growing your business--and leave the headaches behind.

A streamlined payment process for brands and agencies.

  • Payouts in seconds;
  • No need to wait for an invoice to be mailed to you, as you can pay out instantly with a few clicks. A transparent and secure way to manage your data. With Gigapay, brands and agencies can access an online dashboard where they can see all their payments in one place.
  • No need to manage a payment processor and a separate account for your funds. With Gigapay, you can have everything in one place.
  • No need to make a Vendor Process for every influencer you work with. With one Vendor Process, you can pay them all. One Vendor Process means that you can pay all your influencers easily and instantly. You don’t need to create a new process for every influencer you work with.

Close to real-time payouts to influencers.

The Gigapay platform is built to provide you with the fastest payouts in the industry. Our goal is to make sure that your influencers get paid as quickly as possible, so they can use their money on more important things like paying rent or buying groceries.

We're so confident in our ability to deliver quick payments that we offer an industry-leading turnaround time for payouts of mere seconds. In other words, you can expect your influencer marketing campaigns on Gigapay to be paid out within seconds of invoice approval (Monday through Sunday). This means creators receive their earnings faster than ever before!

The freedom to manage payment terms in your own way.

You can set your own payment terms for your influencers, vendors, and freelancers. This means that you’re not locked into a specific payment schedule (e.g., Net 30 or Net 60) and can pay out when it makes the most sense for both parties involved.

The Gigapay platform is designed to help you grow your business by making the payout process easier than ever before.

Gigapay is a platform that makes it easy for you to manage your influencer marketing campaigns. Our payout feature makes it easier for you to manage your influencer marketing campaigns.

We want to make you and your creators happy!

We want to help you grow your influencer marketing business. With the Gigapay platform, we can make it easier than ever before for you to manage payouts in real-time and make your creators happier than ever.

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