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Meet the Full-Stack Marketer who Makes Pizza Dough: Inside the Exciting World of Mário

Mário Sérgio Rodrigues, a full-stack marketer, is a new team member of Gigapay. He has a background in working with tech start-ups and a passion for advertising. He enjoys the variety of tasks in his role as Marketing Manager at Gigapay and finds the team to be inspiring and talented. He's passionate about Neapolitan pizza dough making, and he's a dog person.

Andrea Neira
January 2023

Welcome to another interview, where we have the opportunity to get to know one of our newest team members, Mário Sérgio Rodrigues. Mário is a full-stack marketer with a background in working with tech start-ups and a passion for advertising. 

In this interview, we will learn more about how Mário and Gigapay crossed ways, his not-so-typical day as a Marketing Manager, and his experience working with the team so far. We hope you enjoy getting to know Mário as much as we have!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the marketing field?

I am born in Lisbon, Portugal, and have always been interested in advertising. My parents tell everyone that the only lullaby song that worked for me as a child was a VHS tape with recorded ads. That, together with my interest in people's behavior, communication, and entrepreneurship is what has inspired me to specialize in communications and marketing and enter this crazy and exciting start-up marketing world. The industries I have worked with has been IT Consulting, Foodtech, and now Fintech.

How did you first learn about Gigapay? 

The first time I heard about Gigapay was through a friend that I met at Wework, he told me about this great Fintech company that was looking for a great marketer that wanted to take their company to the next level. When I met the founders, one thing I really loved was how they were really passionate about Fintech and solving this problem with payouts to Creators, that I had never heard about before. It was that passion that compelled me to come in. 

Can you tell me the challenges you faced when you started your new role? 

One of the biggest challenges was Fintech. My background has never touched Finance issues. So the industry jargon was pretty new. The way I overcame that challenge was being around people who really understood that subject, and being around a team that were open and made me comfortable to ask questions (“there’s no stupid questions!”) helped me to overcome this first hurdle. 

What’s your typical day as a Marketing Manager at Gigapay?

There is no such thing as a typical day and that’s what I love about this role. When I am not creating a strategy, I am working with web-design, copywriting, graphic design, events, SEO optimization, and many other fun things!

What do you often like to do for fun?

I have had a lot of hobbies that didn’t really survive what I do for fun, which is: starting new hobbies. My latest hobby was making neapolitan pizza dough, where I went to extent of measuring the humidity in the room and the temperature of the flour to figure out how much water I should add to the mix. It was fun but too intense, so now I have started training a husky.

Do you consider yourself a dog or cat person?


How's your experience working with the team at Gigapay?

Working with the team at Gigapay has been a great experience since day one. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by talented people that inspire you. It feels like I have learnt more in these months than in a couple of years, which is amazing!‍

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