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Meet Our Newest Finance And Office Coordinator - Dorothea Linde

Meet Dorothea Linde, our newest talent in charge of finance and operations here at Gigapay. Learn more about her in this fun interview.

Meet Our Newest Finance And Office Coordinator - Dorothea Lindhe

Meet Dorothea Linde, our newest talent in charge of finance and operations here at Gigapay. The fact is, there’s a lot that makes Dorothea spark, such as her fascination with horses and languages.

It’s our culture to get to know our talents. So we engaged Dorothea with our favorite questions, and she was excited to indulge us. We hope you have a fun read :)

1. Hi Dorothea, can you tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Dorothea, and I was born and raised in Skåne. Five years ago, I moved to Linköping to study business and economics and did my master's in finance. I chose the international programme with French as the primary language due to my great passion for languages. During my four years of studies, I got the opportunity to do an exchange semester in Paris - a well-suited opportunity for a language nerd like me. 

I have experience with customer advising within the banking industry, and supply chain, along with forensic and integrity.

I was an active kid and probably tried every sport/activity in the book. However, the sport that caught my heart was horseback riding. I've dedicated years in the stable and surrounded myself with horses at every opportunity. Unfortunately, it is a very time-consuming and expensive sport, resulting in it being put on hold for a little bit. 

2. How did you get to this position?

A friend works at a startup, and she never fails to tell me interesting, fulfilling, and funny stories about working at a startup. My curiosity continued to grow, and I stumbled upon this position on LinkedIn one day. Gigapay's solution/product intrigued me, and the position would provide me with opportunities and experiences I've wanted to gain and grow within. I didn't hesitate to submit my application after my findings. 

3. What do you often like to do for fun?

Nowadays, I usually spend my free time at the gym, trying out new recipes from various food cultures, hanging out with friends, or practicing my language skills. 

4. What's your typical day like in this position?

I believe in the saying that you have to wear many hats while working at a startup. So far, I've gotten to do various tasks, and I haven't stumbled upon a typical day yet. I'm continuing the learning journey and am excited to see what the future holds. 

5. Do you consider yourself a dog or cat person?

I grew up with both cats and dogs and am crazy about them. It would be unfair to choose only one of them :)

6. How's your experience working with the team at Gigapay?

I've gotten a warm welcome from my colleagues at Gigapay, and I'm surrounded by very competent and kind people. So my experience hasn't been anything else but pleasant :)

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