Influencer In Focus: Luli Invierte, A Marketer In Disguise

We sit down with Lucía, Co-founder of TATAM Digital and an influencer herself, to share with you her best tips for successful collaborations.

Lucia Aguilar, Co-Founder TATAM Digital & Influencer

If brands had a dream influencer to work with, that would be Lucía, our next guest. An influencer who has been an Influencer Marketing Director herself and now owns her own agency. In her free time she also runs a podcast and an instagram account with more than 150K followers, and on top of this, she also runs her blog

How she does this? We have no idea and that's why we sat down with her recently, we wanted to find out and share some of her best tips with you here, especially because she works directly with huge brands in global campaigns through her agency Tatam Digital: finding, negotiating and paying influencers on a daily basis, which means she has seen very successful influencer collaborations, as well as extremely disappointing ones that make brands add influencers to a black list and never work with them again.

Keep reading to find out the things you must do in order to have a sustainable pipeline of clients as a creator, and the things you shouldn't do as an influencer to never end in a black list.

Let the list of tips flow, guys!

A: Who are you and how did you go viral on Social Media?

L: You can find me as Luli Invierte on social media, I talk about personal finance and investments. Throughout history, women have made significant strides in conquering various areas of power but investing, and some aspects of personal finance remain domains where they continue to face specific challenges. My content covers various topics, such as budgeting, investing, debt management, retirement planning, entrepreneurship, and educating kids in finance. Additionally, addressing the unique circumstances and cultural aspects that affect Spanish-speaking countries to provide my audience with the tools they need to achieve economic stability and security.

A: Prior to being an influencer what were you doing?
L: I had been working with Influencers for a long time, first at Unilever as a Marketing Manager,  then at Clue, a female health app, as a Lead of growth, and lastly when I opened my own Influencer Marketing agency TATAM Digital.

A: What led you to start TATAM Digital?
L: Influencers proved to be a great source of growth in my previous experience, for example at Clue we grew from 1M MAUs (Monthly active users) to 13M MAU (in almost 4 years) mainly with Influencers, but almost no one was seeing this channel as a performance channel, the approach was (and remains to many agencies) as a branding channel. I wanted to launch a performance agency, that really helps the client grow and understands a funnel.

A:What were your biggest struggles as a marketer when working with influencers?
L: One of my biggest struggles when working with influencers is that not all influencers exhibit the same level of professionalism as expected by clients (particularly the ones that see this channel as a performance one). It's important to remember that influencers are human, and just like any other individuals, they can make mistakes. These errors can range from communication delays and inconsistent content quality to breaches of contract or unexpected behavior :S

A:What were your biggest struggles as an influencer when working with brands?
L: Clients that don't have a strong KPI, or have two cannibalizing KPIs, that wouldn't result in a successful collab.

A: What are 3 tips you'd give to any influencer starting out her creator career?
L: To stay true to themselves, and to reply to the emails :D

A:What are 3 tips you'd give any brand starting our with influencer marketing?
L: The influencers have a strong online presence because of the message they have to share, don't try to change the message or the form of expressing, just let the influencer recommend your brand in a way that is true to the influencer.

A: In your opinion, what makes the perfect paid collaboration for both parties?
L: The influencer needs to know/use the product or service, see real value, and convey the message, also the product or service needs to be relevant for the audience, that's the only way the ad generates sales. And that's the marketing that I like :D

A: How can influencers network these days? Any tips? any event musts one should attend?
L: IDK, I heard that Gigapay throws great parties and that I will be invited this year :D

Thank you Luli for a great interview and we hope your tips are followed by many! We will for sure have you in our next creator party and we look forward to meeting you again soon!

All the best,

Andrea Neira
Head of Community @gigapay


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