Influencer In Focus: Kenza

Being a successful influencer like Kenza involves a lot of things, and in this post, we share some actions and tips that will help you grow.

What can we learn from Kenza, one of the biggest Swedish Influencers with more than 1,7 Million followers on Instagram?

At Gigapay, we work with hundreds of influencers every month, and if we keep our eyes wide open, we can recognize which are the best influencers and why they never stop growing their follower base.

We have studied very closely some of the most prominent profiles in Sweden to find out patterns that all successful creators have, and here, we share with you the things you can learn from them to have the same exponential growth, just as Kenza had in the latest years of her Instagram career.

We have studied Kenza's profile, from the very beginning, since her first Instagram post to her very latest. As a result, we have put together a list of actions and consequences that will help you have a successful profile in the mid-term:

1. Join A New Platform

She started posting content on a new platform before it became a trend in the 00s. She was a teenager then, and now, she is a mother to two kids.

Kenza started her blog more than ten years ago and reposted pictures on Instagram to supplement her website's content. Still, she distributed her content across three platforms: her blog, Youtube and Instagram–now that's what we call 360 traffic! What a genius at such an early age! 


This tells us that by jumping early on a new and fast-growing platform before it becomes worldwide famous, you become an early bird that never misses the worm, allowing you to score higher as more and more profiles sign up and ultimately will discover your profile quickly. And if you share your profile names on all your platforms–double points for you!

What You Can Do:

Find a new social media platform, and spend time posting and interacting with people there. As the platform probably has fewer users, one like or follow counts as much as four times on a big platform such as Instagram. 

We highly recommend Bereal or Logcast for you to experiment. They are very new and fast-growing platforms where it is easy to stand out as they are not crowded like Tiktok or Instagram.

It is easier to be discovered on a platform with thousands of users than on a platform with billions of them. Don't also forget to share what you are called on other social platforms in your bio so people can search for you cross-platform like this:

2. A Straightforward Bio

Kenza has a straight-to-the-point and neat Instagram bio. Think about it, when you meet someone for the first time, the first questions you ask are:

  • Where are you from?/where do you live?
  • What do you do for a job?
  • Kenza's bio looks like this, following that pattern:


People love to know as much as possible to decide whether they'll follow you, and sometimes your images and reels are not enough. They want to know where you are from and what you do, so help them make a choice. 

Also, you are more likely to grow locally if you share where you are from, and people from that area will be able to feel an instant connection with you and are more likely to follow you. 

What You Can Do:

To connect better with your audience, share your roots or where you are based–this will also help brands discover your profile and assess if you are a good candidate for collaboration. 

Mention what you do for a living or share a link to your business. And last but not least, share your contact details – you will get many more collabs that will help you build a reputation and get more followers this way!

3. Stick To A Niche

Kenza is in a niche and has always stayed loyal to it despite the changes and challenges she has had in her life. Kenza has always shared her daily style and beauty tips, but she does it in a brilliant way that feels natural – hence why so many people love her for what she is.

This has led her to have an engagement rate of 2% (a profile with more than 1M followers typically has an E.R. of 1,7%, so she is way above the average). This means that whatever she posts, 34,000 people will interact with it almost immediately.


In other words, work towards having a niched account that makes it easier for your followers to know what niche you are in by only looking at your feed. For example, take a look at Kenzas' feed here and answer the question: "What is Kenza's niche?"

What You Can Do:

Make sure you post the same type of content focusing on the same topic consistently and that the users of that platform can guess your niche by the images. You can top it up by always using the same filters or planning a mood board for your upcoming posts, where there is always a predominant group of colors.

We are confident that by following these actions, you will be able to attract brands who want to work with you. And hopefully, Gigapay will help you get closer to getting that well-deserved money for the time and effort you put into your Instagram!

If you need to invoice a client real soon – check out our invoice solution, and if it's your first time using it, we will completely remove the Gigapay fee! So go ahead and send your first invoice through Gigapay!!

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