How To Get Your Target Users To Join Your Platform

To build a thriving platform and get your target users to join your platform, you need a formidable marketing strategy.

To build a thriving platform, not only do you need to attract your ideal target users but also manage, retain, and continually convince them that the best way to do business is through you. But the bitter truth is that achieving this is no easy feat. It is not impossible either.

In this article we tell you how companies like Dropbox managed to pull 75,000 users overnight, and the top 4 tips big influencer platforms use to attract more users.

First, your target users need to be aware your platform exists if they must take advantage of your solutions. When you attract your first users, it’s motivating, proving that your goals are achievable.

That is why today, we’ve come up with a couple of tips on how you can get your target users to join your platform. While it may cost you a few bucks, the returns are always worth the investment.

Let’s begin!

1. Reach Out To Your Contacts

Often, the journey of an entrepreneur isn’t to make money like most assume. Most of the time, they’re trying to solve a problem that annoys them. Then, after scouring the internet with no available solution, they take it upon themselves to create it.

When they are dealing with this problem, they become aware that they are not the only ones. There are many people with the same annoying problem with no viable solution in sight.

If your story is similar, you might not need to look too far when seeking your first users. All you have to do is look around you. We often aren’t aware of it, but we tend to surround ourselves with people who mirror us. So if we’re struggling with a problem, chances are the ones close to us might be struggling with the same.

Although not everyone in your life will share the same challenge, there will be some who will. With the relationship you already have, getting them to join your platform can never go wrong.

2. Use Social Proof

People are wired to hold the opinion of other consumers in high esteem. So one bad review may not be too bad for your business. But when a handful of customers complain about the same thing, they could kick you out of the marketplace like a sham. If, on the other hand, you deliver on your promises, they are likely to drop a positive review.

According to G2 and Heinz Marketing, about 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. So when you have a handful of positive reviews, especially from well-known figures people trust, your target user has no reason not to join your platform.

The reality is that there are plenty of prospects sitting at the very edge of the conversion stage. All they need is a little nudge that they are making the right decision. And a review might be the one thing that helps make that decision.

3. Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing is where it all ends. Partner with a couple of influencers in your industry, and you become a formidable brand no one can mess with. Make them your brand ambassadors, and you get the best of both worlds.

It is a tried and tested approach that has been proven to work over time. But to get the best out of it, you have to work with mid-influencers in your industry. A report by Dectech confirms that mid-influencers exert more influence than any other type of influencers.

And the best part is that their services wouldn’t cost you a fortune. With influencers, you attract your ideal platform users without sweating. Work with your team to develop a great influencer marketing strategy, and you wouldn’t regret it.

4. Run PPC Campaigns

There are times when instead of waiting around for it to fall on your laps, you get up and get them. For example, to get your target users to join your platform, you might have to be direct yet subtle. And PPC campaigns offer you an opportunity to do just that.

You could use Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even YouTube, depending on where you believe your target audience is hanging out. PPC marketing has always been an effective marketing strategy. However, its efficiency depends on your copy and creativity.

The good news is that you can always test your copies and find out what works and what doesn’t. It could be a phrase or a word that turns one bad copy into a magnet. So never be afraid to test, try again, and focus on what works.

5. Go Guerilla

Let’s face it; sometimes, you need to walk away from the norm and do something new. Something your competitors haven’t even considered yet. Think about how the brand, Lagavulin, broke records just by having Nick Offerman sip his whiskey on camera for 44 minutes.

It was a pretty simple concept, but it generated thousands of sales and massive brand exposure. What about Dropbox that generated over 75,000 users overnight thanks to one viral video.

The point here is that you should never limit yourself when seeking your ideal platform users. You could go the traditional way, or you can try something unusual. Something unheard of. Perhaps what your platform needs to pull the required traction is one unusual move.

Chances are you’ll come up with something creative. Give yourself time for research, and brainstorm with your team. Test, observe and learn from what works. Rinse and repeat the process and watch your numbers grow.

We promised to be by your side through this journey, and we’ll continually supply you with all the guides you need to grow and scale your platform. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update :)

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