Free VIP Tickets To The Influencer Marketing Summit

Gigapay is calling all Swedish Influencers to come and visit us at the Influencer Marketing summit in Stockholm! We recently announced that we had confirmed our involvement as the Official Mingle Partner at the event on the 20th of September, and we have a free ticket for you at the bottom of this page–so keep reading!

Arranged by, The Quality Hotel in Stockholm will be the home of 700 of the best Swedish influencers and brands for the day, where brands will have the opportunity to mingle and talk about trends & growth strategies that are becoming popular on Instagram & TikTok at our Gigapay Mingle Area Booth.

Our goal is to ensure everyone at the summit has fun, but we have also been invited to take part on the main stage to talk about a big topic for influencers: "Compliant payouts & paid collaborations" together with Skatteverket and Massfluencer. So if you are a marketer or an influencer and paid collaborations are an interest of yours, make sure you don't miss out when Erika Hubert, our General Counsel, speaks.

Scan the QR Code below for your free VIP ticket! And don't forget to claim your Boba tea or glass of champagne at our booth, where we will provide you with fun games, prizes, and great TikTok & Instagram content creation areas!

Free VIP Tickets
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