About Our Swish & Bank Transfer Payouts

Years ago, getting paid as a creator was almost impossible. Here's everything you need to know about our swish and bank transfer payouts.

For a long time, paying influencers who didn’t have a company was practically impossible. This meant that, if a brand or platform wanted to work with a particular influencer, one of the requirements for the creator to get paid, was to have a company, leaving micro influencers out of the equation and allowing them to only access gifts in exchange of posts, and unfortunately never getting paid for the gig.

In the past years we have seen a few tools and services that enabled creators without a company to invoice brands and platforms through them, and even though it could be considered a quick fix as it solves the problem for the creator, it does create a headache for platforms and brands, as for every influencer collaboration, there is 1 invoice to be paid – imagine the workload brands have those months they work with more than 100 influencers.

Gigapay was aware of this and came up with a solution that has now become an ally of the finance and tech departments of some of the best Swedish influencer platforms who work with hundreds of influencers on a regular basis, and if you keep reading, you’ll find out why their influencers love Gigapay’s Swish & bank transfer payouts for individuals without a company.

When one of our clients pays their influencers, the creator receives an SMS  that contains a link to their payout, giving them 2 options to get paid: they can either take the money as an individual (private person) or as a company (people who have a company). Swish and Bank transfer payouts are available in the first option and this is what they see when taking out the money:

Swish Payout:

When the creator receives an SMS and they click on the link to their payout, they arrive to this view and all they need to do is select SWISH, and accept.

Bank Transfer:

When the creator receives an SMS and they click on the link to their payout, they arrive to this view and all they need to do is select Bank transfer if they don’t have SWISH, and accept.

We hope you liked this post and if you would like to see what creators see when they take their money out to their company, then you read our article about “Payouts for people with a company” where we explain our “simple invoicing” and “traditional invoicing” payouts. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update :)

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