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Building A Seamless Payment System For The Future Of Work

A seamless payment system cannot be overemphasized if you work with influencers, creators, or other digital-first global industries.

How people pay and are paid is undergoing a massive shift. We are entering a world where people hold bigger balances in fintech apps, and paying by digital wallets is gradually becoming the norm.

A seamless and hassle-free payment system cannot be overemphasized if you work with influencers, creators, or other digital-first global industries. It goes beyond the payment itself but the overall payment experience, which often determines how far your relationship with your talents and partners will go.

With the exponential growth in the creator economy, a straightforward payment system is invaluable. But, at the same time, the reverse will spell havoc on your relationship with your creators and strategic partners and overall business success.

By implementing a seamless, instant, and hassle-free payment system, your company and partners can build amicable relationships with your influencers and creators while being compliant with tax rules and regulations to avoid hiccups.

How A Seamless Payment System Helps

Here in Sweden, we partner with platforms, including adrecord, GroupM, Society Icon, Tidyapp, and memmo, to integrate Gigapay's seamless payment system into their platform, making payments to their creators and influencers instant after a fantastic job.

By eliminating manual payment processes and administrative tasks that can otherwise be automated, companies can focus on what matters. Through our Swish and Bank Transfer payouts, creatives are paid instantly without hurdles and are inspired to continue collaborating for the longest time possible, regardless if they have a company or not.

Using our API, you can onboard and pay hundreds or thousands of influencers or creators in real-time once a campaign has been completed, saving you time, headaches and errors.

A Payment System For The Future

In a recent survey of 750 participating creators, researchers found that 87% either don't get paid on time, get paid incorrectly, or not at all. And often, this dents the creator's confidence to the extent where they start feeling like an imposter.

With the creator economy projected to hit over $104 billion by the end of 2022, a seamless payment system that eliminates the hurdles creators face becomes the aim of most CFOs, which is why Gigapay exists.

Feel free to book a demo; we'd be happy to show you how our payment system works.

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