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6 things and more with new frontend developer, Shirley Wang

Hey Shirley, so glad that you’ve joined the team! Can you give us a crash course of yourself, in 5 sentences or less? :) 

Certainly. First of all, it is my pleasure and honor to join the team! I am a Frontend developer based in Stockholm. Apart from writing code, I also enjoy vector art, graphic design, 3D modelling and texturing, animation aka Anime and digital drawing. In my spare time, I also bake quite often because I do have a sweet tooth. To sum up, I am a nerd / otaku / hikikomori wanna-be type of person. 

Tell us a bit about the journey to how you became a frontend developer? How has your artistic background inspired this? 

Well, the fact that I have transitioned from a graphic designer to a frontend developer is more or less determined by the competitiveness and supply-demand of the job market. As my past experiences indicate, there are more designers than developers especially in this part of the world. And my nerdy and introverted personality did not help at all finding a suitable job, let alone to fulfill the purpose of my life. So with the helpful guidance from a dear friend of mine, I decided to dive into the realm of development and in my case, frontend since it is more relatable to a visual person such as me. 

What has been the biggest challenge when you chose to  segue into this career? 

It has to be the logical nature of coding. As stated earlier, I am a visual person and rely quite a lot on emotion when it comes to design. But a piece of code is never emotional. No matter how frustrated I get when something does not work, it is not going to work. That is the end of it unless I can calm down and look through the code line by line, steadily test out some theories on why the code does not work until reaching a conclusion. 

Besides being an awesome frontend developer, what one thing are you most proud of? 

Baking. Definitely baking :) Sweet or savory, you name it and I bake it! Just FYI, I have been very much into keto recipes lately so most of my baking is high on butter or oil. 

As it’s the middle of winter, what’s your top tip for surviving the Swedish darkness? 

Hot tea with ginger and/or coconut oil.

Last question, are you a dog or cat person? :-D 

I used to consider myself a dog person but lately I discovered that cats like me too so I guess I am both a dog and a cat person.

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