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Meet the Full-Stack Marketer who Makes Pizza Dough: Inside the Exciting World of Mário

Mário Sérgio Rodrigues, a full-stack marketer, is a new team member of Gigapay. He has a background in working with tech start-ups and a passion for advertising. He enjoys the variety of tasks in his role as Marketing Manager at Gigapay and finds the team to be inspiring and talented. He's passionate about Neapolitan pizza dough making, and he's a dog person.

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Interview With Navid, Our New Frontend Developer At Gigapay

Meet Navid, a frontend developer at Gigapay with a background in petroleum engineering and a passion for music production. In this interview, he shares his journey to Gigapay and his experience working with the team so far. We can't wait to see what he will accomplish with us in the future!

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Meet Joaquin Bonino Quintana: Our Sassy Cat-Loving Backend Developer

In this interview, we had the pleasure of getting to know our newest backend developer, Joaquin Bonino Quintana. With a love for both the theater and technology, Joaquin brings a unique perspective to the Gigapay team. In addition to his impressive skills as a developer, he also has a special bond with his sassy cat. We are excited to see what kind of contributions Joaquin will make to our team and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

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Meet Our Newest Backend Developer, Joaquin Bonino Quintana

Meet Joaquin Bonino Quintana, our newest backend developer with a sassy cat and an unscratchable itch for the theater.

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A peek At The Life Of Our Legal Counselor, Erika Hubert

No founder has ever scaled without having to deal with the legal aspects of a business. In this interview, Erika Hubert shares a unique legal perceptive.

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What You Ought To Know About Backend Developer, Maher Shakar

It is not every day that you come across a passionate developer Like Maher Shakar, a Sweden based backend developer with urges to fix things.

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Meet Henry Ibeleme, Our Awesome Wordsmith

Meet Henry Ibeleme, our copywriter and great communicator. It's been a dream working with Henry. Find out more in this fun interview :)

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Meet Anneli Alchahin, Our Newest Legal Trainee

Meet Anneli Alchahin, our newest legal trainee with a fascinating law background. In this interview, you get to know what makes her spark!

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Meet Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson, Our Junior Sales Executive, and Hunter

Get to meet Astrid Vikingsdotter Johansson, our Junior Sales Executive, hunter and former swimmer with an intriguing background.

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Meet Joakim Skoog - A Sailor, Skier, And Backend Developer

Meet Joakim Skoog, a backend developer, sailor and skier. And when the weather is perfect, he kitesurfs with no care in the world.

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