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Influencer Marketing

Here we share the latest news, trends, and tips to help you grow your creator business. From social media strategies to financial advice, we've got you covered. Stay informed and inspired with our expert insights and join our community.

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From Heineken to Influencer Empowerment: Sergio Barreda Unveils the Secrets of Success at Keeper Experience

Sergio recognised a huge business opportunity in micro-influencers when individuals solely sought collaborations with celebrities and big influencers

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Künstlersozialkasse (KSK): the Financial and Social Security for Influencers in Germany

Explore the nuances of the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK), the financial and social security for influencers in Germany. Learn how KSK impacts you here.

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Working with Influencers: The 6 Types of Influencer Partnerships

Explore 6 key influencer partnership types and learn how to work, partner, and pay influencers effectively for brand growth.

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10 Things You Need to Improve Your Influencer Relationships

Boost influencer relationships with Gigapay: easy onboarding, timely payments, legal compliance, invoice streamlining, and support.

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The Evolution and Future of Influencer Payments

Dive into the evolution of influencer payments. Discover current trends, the role of technology like Gigapay, and future shifts in this space.

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Navigating Influencer Payments: Solutions for a Seamless Process

Navigate influencer payments like a pro with our comprehensive guide. Learn solutions for efficient payment processing and tax compliance. Read now!

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How To Pitch Brands

A quick free guide on how to land paid deals with brands based on advice from a real creator.

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Cultivate Success: 5 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Content Creators

To create a successful influencer marketing strategy, it's crucial to treat content creators as valuable colleagues and build positive relationships with them. In this blog post, we'll share five tips for building a thriving work environment that benefits both your influencer marketing strategy and your content creators.

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The Infinity Stones of Influencer Marketing

Discover the 6 Infinity Stones of Influencer Marketing: Mind, Power, Time, Space, Reality & Soul. Harness their powers for an incredible journey in the world of influencer marketing.

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The Gigapay Advantage: How Our Platform Can Help Your Company Grow Your Influencer Marketing Business

Gigapay streamlines high-volume creator payouts for brands and agencies, providing fast, simple and secure payment management, real-time payouts, and flexibility in setting payment terms for optimal growth of your influencer marketing business.

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