How Gigapay Supported GroupM’s Rapid Growth

Discover INCA's efficiency transformation with Gigapay, streamlining influencer payments and boosting overall satisfaction.

“Our rapid growth would have posed considerable challenges without the support of a partner like Gigapay, which enables INCA to allocate its time and resources to other matters." - Martin Leiva Godoy, Operations Lead, INCA Nordics.

The digital revolution has influenced every corner of modern business, including influencer marketing. The challenge of efficient and effective payment to influencers, however, remained a significant pain point. This was the experience of INCA, a branch of the world's leading media investment company, GroupM. 

In an exclusive interview, Martin Leiva Godoy, Operations Lead at INCA, highlighted the issue: "Prior to utilizing Gigapay, the average monthly time allocated by two team members for managing influencer payments and related processes amounted to approximately 3 working days to process 20-40 invoices." 

Then, they found Gigapay. 

Gigapay: The Time-Saver

Gigapay proved to be a game-changer, considerably reducing the administrative burden. Martin highlighted this transition: "The implementation of Gigapay has significantly diminished the time spent on managing payments. Additionally, the volume of invoices has increased as the team has expanded. This rapid growth would have posed considerable challenges without the support of a partner like Gigapay, which enables INCA to allocate its time and resources to other matters."

Martin went on to describe how Gigapay shifted the responsibility of invoice management: "With the integration of Gigapay, the number of invoices processed on a campaign basis typically ranges from 5 to 15. This transition has greatly enhanced overall efficiency as it has enabled each staff member to assume responsibility for their respective campaigns, thereby eliminating the previous burden on a single team member who had to handle all individual invoices, liaise with the finance team, the previous payment partner, and the influencers."

Accelerating Payments and Boosting Satisfaction

The benefits of Gigapay were not limited to INCA administrative procedures. Influencers also enjoyed a smoother, faster payment experience. According to Martin, "Previously, influencers experienced prolonged payment waiting periods of over 30 days from the completion of their work. However, the implementation of Gigapay has significantly expedited the payment process. Influencers now typically receive their payments quickly, contingent upon the campaign flow and when the invoice is initiated by the INCA campaign manager."

Gigapay: The Recommended Solution

Considering these benefits, Martin didn't hesitate to recommend Gigapay: "Anyone working in the influencer space, brands, and influencer marketing agencies should consider Gigapay if they want to save time and resources. Not only will Gigapay help make payments easier and faster, but they also ensure you stay compliant, with taxes and benefits covered."

Raiha Buchanan, the CEO of Gigapay, chimed in, saying, "It's encouraging to hear how Gigapay is helping INCA streamline its operations and improve efficiency. We're passionate about delivering a solution that saves time, enhances compliance, and ultimately contributes to our client's success."

To understand how Gigapay can add value to your influencer payout process, book a demo today!

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