About Gigapay

We are building the Accounts Payable Solution for the Creator Economy: a payout solution that allows businesses to send payments around the world instantly and without worrying about compliance.

Our Story

Gigapay was born out of necessity, at a Weekend Hackathon in Zerebra. The founders were searching for a solution for real-time payouts to gig workers. In September 2019, Gigapay was launched at the Stockholm Fintech Week, with a focus on the Swedish market. The company quickly gained traction, helping leading gig platforms such as Uber Eats and Karma pay their workers in Sweden.

In 2020, Gigapay expanded its support to Finland. With the rise of the Creator Economy during the pandemic, the company identified an opportunity to streamline and scale Creator Payouts, leading to a pivot in 2022 towards a globally focused product. This pivot resulted in a remarkable YoY Gross Revenue growth of above 100%. Today, Gigapay supports more than 50 countries and has grown its team to over 20 employees.

Our Mission

A Global Payment infrastructure for real-time compensation

We’re on a mission to build a global payment infrastructure to facilitate real-time payouts. Today we’re doing this by helping European businesses in the Marketing &Advertising, and Retail Industry, pay Creators, Influencers and Freelancers.

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The Dream Team

Jenny Fagerström

Vesna Skrchevska

Sales Executive

Thomas Brunner

Head of Growth

Raiha Buchanan


Thea Hansson

Sales Executive

Mário Sérgio Rodrigues

Marketing Manager

Leonard Broström

Sales Executive

Maher Shaker

Backend Developer

Joakim Skoog

Backend Developer

Joaquin Bonino Quintana

Backend Developer

Joakim Olovsson

Backend Developer

Henry Ibeleme


Erika Hubert

General Counsel, DPO

David Hansson

Head of Strategic Business Development

Andrea Neira

Head of Community

Gustav Malmqvist


Dorothea Linde

Finance & Operations Coordinator

Giang Ngo

Frontend Developer

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